Deep Dialogue: 9/26/22 – Dr. Ousmane Pame, Founder: REDES Ecovillages, Senegal

Posted on Sep 26, 2022 | Deep Dialogues and Expert Series, Expert Series

Dr. Ousmane Pame, founder: REDES Ecovillages (Senegal, West Africa) shared his personal stories and observations about its global and regional contexts as well as how its grassroots, community-based approach makes a difference on the ground.  REDES Ecovillages’ projects address both ecological and socio-economic root issues of the global climate crisis.  Dr. Pame gave compelling examples of such projects, including (1) pushing back the encroaching desert by developing a food forest and promoting regenerative agriculture; and (2) digging wells and channels to bring water to rural villages, thereby freeing women and girls for education and income generation.

Donations to REDES Ecovillages may be made here.

The video for this Deep Dialogue is here.

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