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Current Newsletter

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter May 2024
Chapter Meeting: Energy Facilities Siting · Deep Dialogue: Blue Solutions · Offshore Wind Power Fallacies · Help Stop Hanscom Expansion · Legislative Update · Take Action on Muni Reforestation · Climate Resilient Schools · Join Our Google Group · Fossil Free College 529 Savings

Past Newsletters

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter April 2024
Chapter Meeting: DOER Commissioner · Deep Dialogue: Social Cost of Carbon · Google Group List · Climate Info for Munis · Legislative Update · Help Get Out the Vote · DPU Road Show · Mass Climate Action Campaign

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter March 2024
Chapter Meeting: New DPU Commissioner + Th!rd Act + Elders for Sound Democracy · Action needed on legislation · It’s Time to Get Off Gas event · Legislative Updates & Omnibus Bill priorities · Getting Environmentalists to Vote · Mass Save Makeover · Gray is the New Green · Air Pollution & Our Brains 

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter February 2024
Deep Dialogue: Organizing Environmentalists to Vote in November • Biden Hits Pause on LNG • Legislative Update: What’s up next at the State House • ECA Mass Lobby Day • It’s all About the Trees • Please consider donating to ECA Mass to support chapter activities

ECA Massachusetts Chapter January 2024 Newsletter
Deep Dialog: Preserving Forever-Wild Lands • Big Takeaways from COP-28 • Webinar: Outcomes of COP 28 • Legislative Update: Priorities for the Coming Months • Climate Resilient Schools • How to Write a Letter to the Editor • It’s Time to Protest at the Department of Energy, Washington DC Feb 6-8, 2024 • Building our New Grid: • Environmental Justice Table Event

ECA Massachusetts Chapter December 2023 Newsletter
Legislative Team: Raising Our Voices to Support Forest Protection and Public Transit Electrification • Mass to Move Away from Gas Use • A More Sustainable Holiday Season • Reducing Plastic Pollution at Home • MA Climate Efforts Get Mixed Report Card • Put Gas in the Past Petition • Endangered Species Act 50th Anniversary

ECA Massachusetts November 2023 Newsletter:
Deep Dialog: After Death Care and Carbon Recycling • Legislative Team Active on Many Fronts • 39 Recommendations for Cutting Our GHG Emissions • Communicating for Change: Ideas for More Effective Climate Communication • COP 28 Begins This Month • Mass Youth Climate Coalition • Elders for Sound Democracy Town Hall

ECA Massachusetts October 2023 Newsletter:
Deep Dialog: Reducing Food Waste • NYC March: Why We Marched • Legislative Team Members Advocate for Priority Bills in Meetings with Committee Chairs • Bill Addresses Risk of Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers • New England Film Premiere: Regenerating Life • Youth Climate Coalition Education Summit •

ECA Massachusetts September 2023 Newsletter
Confronting the Climate Crisis – The Larry Rosenberg Memorial Webinar Series: • I: Nuclear Power – Expensive Menace or Low-Carbon Solution • II: Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions • III: Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food • Legislative Team to Take on Mass Save Reform • New Members Orientation • Climate Preparedness Week Forum: Clean Energy Incentives for All

ECA Massachusetts August 2023 Newsletter
Reducing Meat & Dairy Consumption • Confronting the Climate Crisis: The Larry Rosenberg Memorial Webinar Series, Nuclear Power: Expensive Menace or Low-Carbon Solution; Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions; Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food • Support Reforestation • Beginning to End the Climate Crisis: A History of Our Future (Book Review) • ECA Mass Legislative Update: Working to Push Our Priority Bills • New Building Code Being Mischaracterized • Homemade Bio Enzyme Cleaners

ECA Massachusetts July 2023 Newsletter
Reducing Air Travel • It’s Hot Out! Help Shave the Peak • ECA Mass Gets Research Grant to Study Western Mass Attitudes About Offshore Wind • Seaweed, Baby Ducks, and Green Crabs (Book Review & Interview) • Plastics & The Future of Our Planet: A Conversation with Bill McKibben & Elizabeth Kolbert • Beyond Plastic Pollution Master Class • We Speak for the Trees, Protecting Forests is a Key Part of Climate Mitigation • Stop Private Jet Expansion in Massachusetts

ECA Massachusetts June 2023 Newsletter
Transportation: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Health with Dr. Rashid Shaikh • Networked Geothermal with Audrey Schulman & John Ciovacco • Budget, Briefings, Hearings & More – MA State House Update • Testifying on Legislation: A Great Way to Make a Difference • Forest Walk & Speakers with Our Ally Save MA Forests • Traveling In Europe Using Clean Energy • Under the Sky We Make: How to Be Human in a Warming World (Book Review)

ECA Massachusetts April 2023 Newsletter
“Invest in Our Planet” this Earth Day • Legislative Team Update: Learning, Connecting, Teaching • Videos and photos from the 3.21.23 Bank Day of Action • Biodiversity and Climate Change • Recommended Climate Podcasts

ECA Massachusetts March 2023 Newsletter
Stop Dirty Banks Day of Action • Legislative Team Update • Michael Sales Creates Video of ECA Mass Founder Grady McGonagill • My Pen Pal: An Essay by ECA Mass Member Debora Hoffman

ECA Massachusetts February 2023 Newsletter
Legislative Team Priorities • Virtual Statewide Climate Rally • Mass Youth Climate Coalition Lobby Week • Time to Cut Ties to Fossil Fuel Funders • Can We Talk About Soot? (EPA Proposed Rule Change) • A Library of Things to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint • What We’re Reading: At Home on an Unruly Planet: Finding Refuge on a Changed Earth, by Madeline Ostrander

ECA Massachusetts January 2023 Newsletter
Legislative Team Prepares to Hit the Ground Running • MA Wind Power Faces Headwinds • Do You Know the Best Ways to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint? • MA Youth Climate Coalition Seeks Mentors • Third Act’s Banking on Our Future Campaign • What We’re Watching: Bill McKibben’s “Brief but Spectacular”

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