We need your help!

Posted on May 25, 2023 | Featured Items

It takes all of us to continue the advocacy and education work of our organization. We are asking you now, as a supporter, to help with some of these expenses, if you are able.

Please consider donating to ECA Mass to support chapter activities, educational programs, and materials by clicking on the button below.

Our Small Budget
Our chapter’s expenses are not great: for 2023 we estimate our total expenses at about $5,000 – a small increase from previous years. We have no paid staff, no office, and we don’t pay ourselves for mileage or incidental expenses. Rather, we have the expected, but escalating costs of producing written materials, subscribing to services for our legislative advocacy work, paying occasional consultants for help with our website and other media projects, and mailing services for our newsletter and other communications. Resources permitting, we also hope to purchase equipment to enable us to offer hybrid meetings (Zoom/in person) as pandemic worries recede.

Our Fundraising Goal
Our hope is to raise about $2,600 from you, our members, and match this amount with monies donated by the leadership team and others who have already shown support of ECA’s mission by joining teams, writing reports and articles, and regularly attending meetings. If you have attended even just a few meetings which were valuable to you, when you learned something or were inspired, please donate even a modest, minimum amount in return to help us carry on.

It’s rare for us to ask for anything from our general supporters, besides your actions to help address climate change. Our actions today are more critical than ever as we enter a dangerous period where hopes of keeping global warming below 1.5 ℃ seem to be fading fast. We’ll need all hands on deck as we push local and state governments to implement the steps set out in the Next Generation Roadmap Bill with even greater urgency.