Deep Dialog—May 20, 2024 (one week early)

Posted on May 10, 2024 | Featured Items

for our next Deep Dialogue. May 27 is Memorial Day so we will hold this Deep Dialogue ONE WEEK EARLY, on May 20. Dr. Jennifer Bender of the  Marine Studies Consortium will address us on the role of oceans in CC mitigation, and the “blue-economy”. 

Dr. Bender is a Boston-based environmental scientist actively involved in bridging gaps between scientists, policy makers, the public and other stakeholders. Jennifer has a PhD in Geography and Environmental Science, a certificate in Strategic Foresight, and a Master’s in Administrative Sciences. She is a professor and Program Director at the School for the Environment at University of Massachusetts. She serves as the Executive Director of the Marine Studies Consortium, which offers courses in marine and aquatic sciences and other topics. She is an active advisor to Sea-Ahead, a support system for start-ups in the blue-economy, and a consultant to a variety of organizations.