Deep Dialogue – 10/25/21
Natural Solutions: A Path to Mitigate both Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

Posted on Oct 25, 2021 | Deep Dialogues and Expert Series, Expert Series

It has become clear that climate change and biodiversity loss present equal threats to human existence and a habitable planet. These interrelated crises need to be acted on simultaneously to avoid worsening them both. 

Amy Meltzer of our Research Team gives an introduction to the biodiversity crisis, and discusses the crucial role of land based ecosystems in both carbon sequestration and biodiversity support. She shows how actions informed by an understanding of ecological relationships can improve carbon sequestration and increase climate resilience, while lessening the threat of species extinction. She discusses actions that can be taken through policy at all levels of government, and by individuals and community groups. You will find resource slides at the end of the slide show. The slides from the presentation are here.

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