Deep Dialogue – 8/28/23
Reducing Meat Consumption

Posted on Aug 7, 2023 | Deep Dialogues and Expert Series, Expert Series

We presented information about the climate harms caused by consuming animal products, specifically beef and dairy, and how we can mitigate some of those harms, short of eliminating meat consumption completely.

Professor Marianne Krasny, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell, and author of In This Together: Connecting with your Community to Combat the Climate Crisis. Marianne presented her own research and experience about how to promote dietary change within communities and social networks.

Sabine Von Mering (Ph.D) presented the arguments for reducing animal product consumption. Sabine is a  Public Voices Fellow on the Climate Crisis with The OpEd Project, in partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, a climate activist with 350 Mass, and the Director of the Center for German and European Studies at Brandeis University.

Presentations were followed by a lively Q and A, and discussion. The video of presentation and Q and A are here.

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