Mission and Strategy


Elders Climate Action Massachusetts works to mobilize elders to address climate change while there is still time to protect the well-being of our grandchildren and future generations.   

Core strategy:

Organizing elders to exert pressure on lawmakers and government agencies to develop policies that respond forcefully to climate change. We promote climate-friendly societal norms and behaviors among individuals, communities, businesses, and educational institutions.

Supporting Strategies:

  • We encourage elders to take responsibility for climate action
  • We cultivate a strong network of connections with allied organizations and the lifelong networks of our elder climate activists
  • We reach out to elders to foster clusters of elder activism
  • We develop relationships with key legislators
  • We cultivate expertise on the reality of climate change and ways combating it
  • We communicate about the reality and impact of climate change, telling stories that draw on our unique wisdom, to influence other elders, other citizens, and decision-makers
  • We facilitate elder engagement by alerting elders to personal and local actions they can take
  • We actively develop our leadership capacity as individuals and as an organization.