Deep Dialog—June 24, 2024

Posted on Jun 4, 2024 | Featured Items

Save the date for our Deep Dialogue, our ECA Massachusetts Conversation Series, MONDAY, June 24, 4-5:30 PM ET, on Zoom.
Zoom link:

This month, our Natural Solutions working team has invited Keith Zaltzberg-Drezdahl, the Managing Director and Head of Planning at Regenerative Design Group Cooperative in Greenfield MA. He will inform us about the state’s Healthy Soils Action Plan, the impact of land conversion and management on soil organic carbon and carbon dioxide.

Keith will address many aspects of Soil Carbon Sequestration. Bring your questions and ideas and join in a spirited Deep Dialogue on using Natural Solutions to mitigate and even solve aspects of the climate crisis!

YES! We do record our meetings, and they are usually posted on our web site within a few days. is where you can find those a few days after the chapter meeting.

Will be so good to see you in our Zoom Room for our ECA Mass chapter meeting TUESDAY JUNE 11 at Noon!