Leadership Team

Mayim Baron - Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Maiyim Baron

Maiyim moved to Boston to help with her granddaughter after years in Japan, and not long after decided to step away from her profession as a Japanese translator to give more of her time to climate activism. It didn’t take long to run into Grady and friends at a presentation at the Brookline Senior Center and she immediately became involved with Elders Climate Action, which really fits with this phase of her life, working with people who are more or less retired but still very concerned with underlying issues, and who have time, energy and expertise to give to social activism.

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A plant lover, gardener and tree hugger since birth, she was exposed to the ecology movement early at Washington University in St.Louis where Barry Commoner was a professor. From organics and food sustainability issues, she moved into the underlying problem of climate change.

“There was so much to learn I felt really overwhelmed when I was invited into our leadership team who have real experience in science, engineering, law – some of the many areas that intersect in environmental justice. I’m no expert myself, but I’ve learned so much working with this group, and trust the expertise they bring. I’m more of a network weaver and love building this movement, one person at a time, and helping folks find the spot where they fit and want to contribute to our work.”

Maiyim still interprets in Japanese, bridging American and Japanese cultures and maybe bringing a bit of perspective from the Asian side of the world.

Arnie Epstein - Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Arnie Epstein

Arnie is a member of the leadership team of the Mass Chapter of Elders Climate Action where his focus is translating knowledge of climate change into action.

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Arnie is a resident of Stow Mass where he is the town Energy Manager and Green Communities coordinator as well the representative to the board of Stow’s municipal utility

Arnie is a graduate of MIT with degrees in electrical engineering and physics. Arnie’s career was in computer systems but his passion is clean energy, energy efficiency, and combating climate change. During the summer Arnie resides in an off-grid cottage powered by solar.

Seth Evans- Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Seth Evans

Seth Evans recently retired from 19 years of teaching elementary school in Needham, MA. He remains active in the Massachusetts Teachers Association, serving on the Retired Member and Education Policy and Practice committees. He is also an activist in the Children’s Screen Time Action Network, where he chairs the Screens in Schools work group. His work with ECA on climate change, though, is now his principal volunteer commitment. Prior to becoming a teacher, Seth organized service workers in a Boston hospital. He later received his MBA from Boston College, and worked as a consultant to worker owned businesses. Seth also founded and managed a worker-owned home health care company.
Tina Grosowsky - Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Tina Grosowsky

Tina Grosowsky retired in December 2020 from a twenty-two year career in Public Health working on tobacco prevention. She was the Program Director for the Central Massachusetts Tobacco Free Community Partnership at UMass Medical School, a state funded program through the MA Department of Public Health for 8 years. The program works on racial justice, public policy, cessation and prevention. Previously Tina was the Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for the town of Westford MA for 10 years. She is a Director for Green Hudson. Tina is married, has an adult daughter and has had a daily meditation and yoga practice for over 25 years.

Rick Lent - Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Rick Lent

Rick Lent has spent the last 25 years facilitating meetings around the world for such organizations as the World Food Programme, USAID, UNICEF, the WK Kellogg Foundation and the International Red Cross along with dozens of local community and nonprofit groups. He received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in education and organizational change. Rick lives and gardens in Stow.

Roger Luckman - Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Roger Luckman

Roger is recently retired from UMass Medical School where he served as professor of family medicine and community health and was involved in delivering primary care, teaching, and research on cancer screening. He joined ECA 9 months ago and has been active on the legislative and research teams.

Launa Zimmaro, Elders for Climate Action

Launa Zimmaro

Launa has been active on a range of social, political and climate related issues at the local, state and national level since 2008. She joined the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts (LWVMA) shortly after retiring from a 35-year career as an elementary school educator and principal. As a Legislative Specialist for the LWVMA Legislative Action Committee, her focus was on money in politics, climate change and energy. Other state level positions include two terms as a member of the Massachusetts Sierra Club Chapter Executive Committee, an elected position she held for four years.
Grady McGonagill - Elders for Climate Action, MA - Leadership Team

Grady McGonagill, Ed.D.

Founding Member

Grady is the founder of the Massachusetts chapter of Elders Climate Action.   For thirty years, Grady was Principal of McGonagill-Consulting, with clients in the business, government, and social sectors world-wide.  For example, he consulted to over a dozen offices of McKinsey & Co. in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.

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In 2013 Grady felt called to help build a movement to address climate change.  In addition to his work for ECA, he provides coaching and consulting to the grass-roots advocacy organization The Better Future Project. He is also an active member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Grady described the evolution of his commitment to climate change in a letter to his daughter stimulated by ECA’s partner organization, Dear Tomorrow.

Grady holds a doctorate from Harvard University and a master’s degree from Stanford University. He is a contributor to the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, edited by Peter Senge et al. (New York: Doubleday, 1994), the author of “The Coach as Reflective Practitioner,” in Executive Coaching, edited by C. Fitzgerald and J. Berger (San Francisco: Davies Black Publishing, 2002), and the author (with Tina Doerffer) of Leadership and Web 2.0: Leadership Implications of the Evolving Web. Guetersloh, Germany: Bertelsmann Verlag, 2011.

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