The Biden Administration’s Plan and Team to Address the Climate Crisis

By Michael Sales. As discussed in our April 26 Deep Dialogue and recent ECA Massachusetts newsletters, President Biden has proposed an ambitious climate plan and assembled an experienced, talented and diverse team to turn his aspirations into reality. Periodically, we will be updating our coverage of the Biden administration’s efforts to implement and explain this effort. 

This suite of articles: 

Given Biden’s intention of integrating climate considerations into many if not all elements of his administration, we can expect the list of relevant personnel to keep growing in the months and years ahead. For example, his science and technologies advisors are almost certainly going to be focusing on climate-related topics.

Furthermore, we’ll strive to understand the ways in which national climate legislation and executive orders will impact Massachusetts and New England directly and how that legislation will interact with legislative activity in our state and, perhaps, at local levels as well. We’d welcome anyone with an interest in the relationships between national and local legislative activities to join into this information tracking and analysis effort. We’re looking for politically savvy news hounds in particular! Please get in touch with Michael Sales at to discuss your interest in a project of this nature.