Sunrise Day of Dedication – Young and Old Unite to Defend the Climate

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 | All News, Uncategorized

On the heels of the first UN Climate Negotiations since Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, well over a thousand young people took part in Sunrise Movement’s Climate Legacy Time Capsule Project’s national Day of Dedication on November 18 in 25 cities across the country, communicating that that they will hold accountable politicians who support polluters over the interests of young Americans.

The time capsules were filled with locally-contributed ‘letters to the future’ and objects representing what individuals love and are fighting to protect from climate change. They will be opened simultaneously with other time capsules across the country on November 2067.

ECA-Mass chapter members Joan McCabe and Grady McGonagill attended the event on Boston Common. Grady contributed a personal story, which he presented at the event and included in the time capsule.  From Grady’s story:

“In Drew Dellinger’s poem, “Hieroglyphic Stairway,” a great-great grandchild asks a dreamer, “What did you do, when you knew?” What we’re doing is all we’re can to get other elders engaged in the climate movement, so that we can create the political will to address this existential threat. We need the partnership of younger generations, speaking on behalf of themselves and all the generations to come. I look forward to hearing what representatives of those generations have to say today in their stories of the present and the future.”

Read Grady’s whole story here.

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