Road to Carbon Neutral

June 19, 2020. The top legislative priority for ECA Mass is the 2050 Roadmap bill (H.3983). Leading environmental and climate groups along with scholars and energy experts have endorsed the bill as the best way for the state to address the climate crisis. Key points of the 2050 Roadmap bill are.

  1. A mandate for the state to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  2. Creation of a comprehensive, people-centered plan to achieve our climate goal.
  3. Accountability for the implementation of fair and effective emissions reduction measures.
  4. Provides additional tools and resources to fight climate change.

Watch a video sponsored by MetroWest Climate Solutions and Mass Audubon with Representative Meschino, the sponsor of the 2050 Roadmap bill, as she explains this legislation and why we need it to pass this legislative session.