Chapter Public Policy and Advocacy

ECA Mass actively works to promote substantive climate legislation and policy change. We work on the local, state and national levels, pursuing the best opportunities that we see for constructive change. We exert pressure on lawmakers and government agencies to develop policies that respond forcefully to climate change. Our advocates develop constructive working relationships with key legislators, and provide expert advice on key legislation.

Currently, our top legislative priority is the Massachusetts Clean Energy Roadmap 2050, known inside the Statehouse as the Global Warming Solutions Implementation Act (GWSIA). This legislation mandates that the state investigate and demonstrate how an 80% reduction in greenhouse gases – already mandated by state law – can be implemented with the greatest reliability and benefit to the state’s economy. It’s hard to imagine how we can move forward without this kind of in-depth planning.

Please join us in supporting the Clean Energy Roadmap and our other public policy priorities. You can sign up for action alerts and legislative briefings here.