Paul Dryfoos

Paul Dryfoos
Leadership Team

Paul has more than thirty years of leadership experience working with organizations committed to public service and addressing human needs and potentials. He works at the nexus of social justice and environmental survival, with projects including New Climate Magazine, Elders Climate Action, Waterkeepers, Florida Institute of Saltwater Heritage and Florida Maritime Museum.

Early in his career, Paul served as Massachusetts Deputy State Budget Director and Acting Budget Director, responsible for development and management of almost one-third of the state's then $13.5 billion budget, including Medicaid, employee/retiree health insurance, economic development, employment security and job training, developmental disabilities, and corrections. Under Governors Dukakis and Weld, he developed innovative strategies in human development and health care to assure quality and sustainability of essential public goods and services.

In 1991, Paul established Dryfoos Consulting, helping organizations to understand and influence the changing environment for health, social services, economic opportunity and human development, and working with clients to develop constructive, forward-looking strategies. Clients include Partners Health Care, Health Care for All, Massachusetts Hospital Association, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Health Care Without Walls, Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center, and Network Health.
In 2014, Paul co-founded New Climate Magazine, an initiative to foster awareness, engagement and mobilization around global climate change, presenting the best interdisciplinary thinking on human motivation and innovation applied to humanity's response to climate change. He currently serve on the leadership team of Elders Climate Action - Massachusetts, an organization dedicated to taking generational responsibility for climate citizenship.
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