Maiyim Baron

Maiyim Baron
Leadership Team
Maiyim moved to Boston  to help with her granddaughter after years in Japan, and not long after decided to step away from her profession as a Japanese translator to give more of her time to climate activism. It didn't take long to run into Grady and friends at a presentation at the Brookline Senior Center and she immediately became involved with Elders Climate Action, which really fits with this phase of her life, working with  people who are more or less retired but still very concerned with underlying issues, and who have time, energy and expertise to give to social activism.
A plant lover, gardener and tree hugger since birth, she was exposed to the ecology movement early at Washington University in St.Louis where Barry Commoner was a professor. From organics and food sustainability issues, she moved into the underlying problem of climate change.
"There was so much to learn I felt really  overwhelmed when I was invited into our leadership team who have real experience in science,   engineering,  law - some of the many areas that intersect in environmental justice. I'm no expert myself, but I've learned so much working with this group, and trust the expertise they bring. I'm more of a network weaver and love building this movement,  one person at a time, and helping folks find the spot where they fit and want to contribute  to our work."
Maiyim still interprets in Japanese,   bridging American and Japanese cultures and maybe bringing a bit of perspective from the Asian side of the world.
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