Monthly Chapter Meeting— 3/12/2024 – DPU priorities with Staci Rubin

Posted on Feb 26, 2024 | Monthly Chapter Meetings

We were joined by Staci Rubin who was appointed as a Commissioner to the Department of Public Utilities in April, marking her return to the agency. Prior to her appointment Rubin was Vice President, Environmental Justice, at the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF).

Commissioner Rubin told us about priorities for the agency that align with state climate and environmental justice laws. She shared issues pending before the DPU and information about how people can participate and influence these decisions. 

We then heard from Betty Southwick of Third Act and their activities. Third Act is the organization started by Bill McKibben for seniors who want to be active in the Climate Crisis, so this national organization is very compatible with Elders Climate Action, and across the US we are exploring ways the local chapters of both organizations can work together to multiply our effectiveness.

Many of us in this election year will also want to work with ECANational’s group Elders for Sound Democracy. Paul Dryfoos, who left our ECA Mass Leadership Team to help get this program going, made an encore guest appearance and filled us in on their current efforts, and how we can get involved at this critical time. Paul’s presentation is here.

The video from the chapter meeting is here.

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