ECA Mass Policy and
Legislative Priorities for 2023-24

Posted on Sep 5, 2023 | Legislative News, Legislative Priorities

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ECA Mass Chapter Legislative News
  • Policy Priorities
    • Manage and fund retrofits to existing residential buildings to meet climate goals through Mass Save reform and funding (Preparing a position paper on Mass Save reform)
  • Highest Priority Bills
    • An Act relative to the future of clean heat in the commonwealth (S.2105/H3203). Provides a comprehensive plan to transition off gas
    • An Act establishing a zero carbon renovation fund (H3232/S.2365). Calls for $300 million to fund building retrofits.
  • Policy Priorities
    • Effectively meet projected electric supply and emissions targets for 2030
      • Streamline siting of electric infrastructure and generation while ensuring equity. Update grid governance and markets to support high penetration of renewables. Ensure electricity is affordable and clean
      • Prohibit new gas pipeline infrastructure
  • Highest Priority Bills
    • An Act to promote solar energy development consistent with the commonwealth’s 2050 next generation road map (H.3205).
      Sets targets for each type of solar development and aligns incentives with targets.
    • An Act establishing a moratorium on new gas system expansion (H.3238, S.2135).
      Calls for no new major gas infrastructure.
  • Policy Priorities
    • Improve access to funding for energy efficiency and decarbonization projects. Gov. Healey announced a Community climate bank in June 2023, to focus on funding clean energy projects in affordable housing. This is a great first step and positions the state to apply for Federal funding under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
  • Highest Priority Bills
    • An Act creating a climate bank in Massachusetts (H.3774/S.675)
      Establishes and provides seed money for a bank offering loans for climate projects; the bank attracts private capital which expands the reach of climate bank programs. The bill proposes a broad array of projects that could be funded: all innovations, or uses of technologies, services, and solutions, or innovative financing to address climate resiliency, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions or support clean energy.
Natural Solutions
  • Policy Priorities
    • Support tree planting and preservation in cities and towns
    • Protect and preserve forests on public lands
  • Highest Priority Bills
    • An Act Relative to Forest Protection (HD.4430)
      Would designate all DCR lands as parks or reserves and effectively eliminate logging on state lands
    • An Act establishing the municipal reforestation program (H.869/S.452)
      Establishes an urban forestry council that provides technical assistance and funding to municipalities to plant and preserve trees in high heat areas.
  • Policy Priorities
    • Jump-start Transit Electrification
      Set targets for electrifying trains, buses, ferries, and public and private fleets.
  • Highest Priority Bills
    • Act Electrifying Regional Transit Authorities (H.3366/S.2285)
      Supports electrification of public buses throughout MAAn Act Setting Deadlines to Electrify School Buses, Public Fleets and Establishing Programs to Encourage Private Fleet Electrification (H.3139/S.2218)
      Requires electrification of school buses and state/municipal vehicles by a date certain
Environmental Justice
  • Policy Priorities
    • Support environmental justice communities and initiatives
  • Highest Priority Bills
    • An Act relative to energy facilities siting improvement to address environmental justice, climate, and public health (H.3187/S.2113)
      Gives EJ communities a voice in siting energy facilities.
    • An Act to improve outdoor and indoor air quality for communities burdened by pollution (H.2131/S.1382)
      Develops a plan for monitoring and mitigating air pollution in hot spots near highways and in high risk buildings with input from EJ communities..

Second Tier

Other policies and bills we support are here