Getting to Net Negative – A Massachusetts Approach

In support of our mission to combat climate change, the ECA Mass chapter presented an educational series aimed at Massachusetts climate activists who want to understand and participate in the state’s planning to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Part 1 – Getting to and beyond Net Zero – a Massachusetts approach.  This video covers.

  • Why we must go beyond net zero to “net negative” emissions.
  • Progress the state has made to date in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Core principles and values moving forward.

The slides for the presentation are here.

Part 2 – Getting Rid of Fossil Fuels in Transportation and Buildings. This video covers.

  • The primary strategy – electrification with clean electricity.
  • Transportation electrification – approaches, challenges, alternatives.
  • Building electrification – approaches, challenges, alternatives.
  • Impact on demand for electricity

The slides for this presentation are here.

Part 3 – Achieving 100% Clean Electricity in Massachusetts. This video covers.

  • The key requirements for electricity
  • A close look at wind and solar – the variable renewables.
  • Approaches to address variability.

The slides for this presentation are here.

Part 4 – A Decade of Change. This video covers.

  • The administration’s 2050 Roadmap
  • The administration’s draft 2030 CECP (Clean Energy and Climate Plan).
  • Climate Legislation – Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy (S.2995).

The slides for this presentation are here.

Part 5 – Beyond Energy. This is the final installment of series. The video covers.

  • Non-energy emissions.
  • Land sector and carbon sequestration
  • Wrap Up for the series

The slides for this presentation are here.