ECA Mass Research

ECA Mass Research Team

The objective of the ECA Mass Research team is to inform local and national ECA members, other climate change activists, and the broader public about climate change: its causes, its manifestations, possible solutions, tipping points, and the urgency of action. We build on existing research and seek to (a) make this research understandable to our audience, (b) help focus ECA’s advocacy and policies, and (c) motivate people to take action. (the full mission statement for the ECA Mass Research team is here).


In support of our mission to combat climate change, we presented an educational series aimed at Massachusetts climate activists who want to understand and participate in the state’s planning to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The slides for Part 1 are here.

The slides for Part 2 are here.

The slides for Part 3 are here.

  • Part 4 – A Decade of Change. This video covers.
    • The administration’s 2050 Roadmap
    • The administration’s draft 2030 CECP (Clean Energy and Climate Plan).
    • Climate Legislation – Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy (S.2995).

The slides for Part 4 are here.

  • Part 5 – Beyond Energy. This is the final installment of the series.  The video covers.
    • Non-energy emissions.
    • Land sector and carbon sequestration.

The slides for Part 5 are here.


Our advocacy is informed by research that enables us to develop positions that result in the best path forward over the longer term.  We need to insure our views are well considered and not “dead ends”.  In support of this goal, we have written a number of white papers on a range of topics.