ECA Mass Policy on Climate Solutions

ECA Mass has issued a policy statement about the climate solutions we support, and why we sometimes differ from the positions taken by friends and allies in the climate movement. ECA Mass believes we should be open to all potentially effective technological, socio-economic, and nature-based means of combating climate change. But we disagree with some other environmental organizations, which contend that certain approaches, such as carbon capture and sequestration, carbon fees, and advanced nuclear power, are “false” solutions that should be taken off the table.

We assert that openness to all potentially effective climate change mitigation solutions is necessary due to:

  • The failure of the global community to slow global warming thus far,
  • The short time remaining to limit warming to 1.5o C, and
  • The enormity of the unprecedented challenge of reaching the goal of “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by 2050.

The ECA Mass Policy on Climate Solutions affirms our belief that environmental and economic justice concerns must be addressed in the implementation of any climate change solution, but asserts that in most cases, these concerns may be effectively addressed through the inclusion of all impacted groups in the development of any plan.

See the full policy statement here.