ECA Mass Legislative Update

June 8, 2020. The state legislature resumed law making last month with agreement on a method to debate and vote remotely.  The COVID-19 pandemic has set back the legislative schedule and there is a good chance the current legislative session will be extended.

Nonetheless, work has continued on our top legislative priority, the 2050 Roadmap bill (H.3983).  Last week, a coalition of environmental and climate groups signed a joint letter in support of the Roadmap bill which was delivered to House leadership, committee heads, and the bill’s sponsors. 

In addition, the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) has begun a social media campaign in support of the bill and members of ECA Massachusetts had a tutorial on “tweeting” to enable targeted advocacy.

The House Speaker continues to support passage of climate legislation this session, and the 2050 Roadmap bill is the furthest along.  With House members focused on the pandemic and the pressing need to pass a budget, active advocacy for climate legislation has been delayed.  But soon there will be an opportunity to push the bill to the finish line!