ECA Mass Legislative Team Takes Stock & Looks Ahead – Oct 2022

The ECA Mass Legislative Team held two strategy meetings in October to prepare for the upcoming legislative session and to engage with the new administration. Several activists from outside the team joined us, including some ECA Mass members and representatives of other climate groups. Thanks to all who participated!

Strategy Meeting #1

At the first meeting, we reviewed the team’s work over the last legislative session:

What worked?

Our relationships with legislators and other climate organizations and coalitions were highlighted as major strengths, along with the “bill manager” system that engaged several members in specific bill advocacy.

What can we improve on?

Recommendations included limiting the number of bills we actively support to allow for more in-depth advocacy, identifying means to engage more members in legislative efforts, and organizing the team to more efficiently track developments in key sectors (e.g., building decarbonization, transportation electrification, energy).

Strategy Meeting #2

The second meeting focused on identifying priorities for the next year:

  • Advocating for key elements of bills and whole bills that did not pass last session but are still essential to meeting climate goals (e.g., performance standards for large buildings, electrification of vehicle fleets and commuter rail, workforce development, siting of utility infrastructure, forest protection, Green Bank).
  • Holding executive agencies accountable for implementing the dozens of measures in the Roadmap and Wind/Climate bills by tracking progress, influencing the new governor’s selection of leadership of key departments, engaging in hearings, and other means.
  • Continuing to advocate for bold progressive outcomes in the ongoing administrative deliberations on the building code, the future of gas, the decarbonization of building heating, forest management, and Green Bank development in the Clean Energy Center.
  • Engaging ECA Mass members to advocate for adoption of the soon-to-be-issued specialized building code in their hometowns.

Coming Up

Over the next few weeks, the team will be addressing in more depth our relationships with other climate organizations and coalitions, advocacy strategies, and our committee structure and processes.

Want to Get More Involved in Legislation?

The Legislative Team welcomes your feedback on these proposals and your engagement in our work at whatever level is possible for you. You don’t have to attend weekly meetings to make a contribution to our legislative efforts. Contact Roger Luckmann at to explore how you can be more involved in Legislative Team activities.