ECA Mass Legislative Priorities

The ECA Massachusetts Legislative Team has identified a final list of six bills that will be our top priority for advocacy this legislative session. We also selected 12 bills that are second priority. We received and reviewed more than 40 comments from members on our long list of more than 60 bills. Thanks to all who sent in their bill preferences and related comments!

We aimed to select one bill in each of six categories: transportation, buildings, energy, natural solutions, funding for Clean Energy and Climate Plan (CECP) 2030 priorities, and environmental justice (EJ). Here are the top bills we selected:

  • (Buildings) An Act Relative to Building Energy and Decarbonization – H.3350/S.2202
  • (CECP Funding) Green Futures Act – H.3292
  • (EJ) An Act Relative to Energy Facilities Siting Reform to Address Environmental Justice, Climate and Public Health – H.3336/S.2135
  • (Energy) An Act to Promote Offshore Wind Energy and Renewables – H.3302/S.2158
  • (Natural Solutions) An Act Relative to Forest Protection – H.912
  • (Transportation) An Act Relative to Public Transit Electrification – H.3559/S.2292

(For brief bill summaries and links to bills go here)

Overall we targeted bills that support implementation of the CECP and/or EJ issues, are supported by our allies, and stand a reasonable chance of passage this session.

Here is the list of 12 more bills for a secondary level of support. We took into account preferences submitted by members and have included bills in each of the categories we used to select our top priority legislation.


  • Local option all electric building – H.2167/S.1333
  • An Act providing for building justice with jobs – H.3365/S.2226
  • An Act relative to the future of heat in the Commonwealth – H.3298/S.2148


  • An Act relative to a just transition to clean energy – H.1954/S.1197
  • An Act relative to modern grid access and customer service – H.3313
  • An Act to prevent biomass energy to protect the air we breathe – H.3333/S.2197
  • An Act to mandate the review of climate risk in order to protect public pension beneficiaries and taxpayers – H.4170


  • Municipal Reforestation Program – H.905/S.504
  • An Act relative to increased protection of wildlife management areas – H.1002

Gas Leaks

  • Eliminating gas leaks – H.3354/S.2179


  • An Act promoting zero-emissions vehicles – H.3347/S.2151
  • An Act to Promote EV Fleets by 2035

(for brief summaries and links to the secondary bills go here)

With 18 bills that we will be advocating for, we will need a lot of help tracking legislation and planning and implementing advocacy efforts. If you are interested in volunteering for any of this work, please contact Roger Luckmann at

The Massachusetts Legislative Process.  Allan Fierce summarized his extensive legislative background in the document Climate Advocate’s Guide to The 2021-2022 Massachusetts Legislature.  A slide deck with this information in a presentation format is here.