ECA Mass on Facebook

March 1. ECA Massachusetts needs someone to be our volunteer Facebook outreach manager!  We have a very thriving community of well over 1,200 people who follow and/or use our page, including quite a few who visit every day. We want and need to pay more attention to these folks who are interested in our work! 

If you like meeting and interacting with people and want to show them how to take advantage of the full menu of the ECA Massachusetts offerings, please contact Michael Sales and Maiyim Baron ( to discuss the possibility of working on this project. 

Getting involved with this work might seem like a small thing, but it will likely result in a significantly higher level of climate activism by our Facebook users. Some degree of facility with and interest in Facebook and other social media would be useful.

Please join the community of over 1,200 people who follow ECA Massachusetts on Facebook! Every day we publish and promote an eclectic set of events, information, news reports, opinion pieces and personal reflections on the science and politics of climate change, its immediate and long-term impact at every level, the possibilities for legislative action — particularly in Massachusetts towns and at the State House — and opportunities to participate in learning forums and demonstrations, positive developments on the climate front locally, nationally and globally, and powerful individual initiatives you can be part of. The purpose of the page is to give you ideas and recommendations that inform and energize you as a climate activist! Help us make this page a powerful vehicle for expression and learning by those of us who don’t doubt the validity of climate change and who want to become ever-more successful in promoting the thinking, actions, and politics that will limit its negative consequences.

Check out our Facebook page here: