ECA Mass chapter meeting – 7/13/21
Actions to Protect Democracy and Update on Bills in Congress

Posted on Jul 13, 2021 | Monthly Chapter Meetings

At our July 13 chapter meeting, Paul Dryfoos of our ECA Mass Leadership Team and his colleague Jan Singer updated us about the Elders for Sound Democracy (ESD) campaign. (ECA Mass is partnering with ESD, which is a project of our parent organization, Elders Action Network.) Watch the video of their presentation, explaining the threats to our democracy and many specific actions we can take NOW to protect our freedom to vote. See the presentation slides here, and read the ESD Action Agenda and ESD Why Now?

We also heard from Michael Sales of ECA Mass, who has been following federal climate action, about the bipartisan infrastructure bill soon to come before Congress and the proposed budget reconciliation package that will likely include a lot of climate funding. He helped us make sense of the complicating political maneuvering on climate in Washington! Watch his presentation on the YouTube video. The slides from the presentation are here

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