ECA Mass chapter meeting – 4/12/22 – Green Heating and Cooling for Your Home, Legislative update

Posted on Apr 12, 2022 | Monthly Chapter Meetings

Did you know heating and hot water for buildings in Massachusetts are responsible for over 25% of statewide greenhouse gas emissions and for a typical home, heating and hot water represent 75% of total energy use?  This is the major challenge we face in achieving net zero emissions by 2050 as well as a 50% emissions reduction by 2030.

At our chapter meeting we heard from Bob Zogg, a founder of the HeatSmart Alliance and Joel Boucher, HVAC design engineer for Boucher Energy Systems to learn about real world solutions for “greening our homes” with heat pumps.  We began with a presentation from Bob followed by a lively and informative panel discussion and Q&A.  The slides for the presentation are here.

For more information, you can reach Bob Zogg at or visit the HeatSmart Alliance website at  Boucher Energy Systems website is or call 508-473-6648 (note: Boucher Energy Systems does not serve Boston and some surrounding communities).

Roger Luckmann brought us up to date with unfolding state climate legislation with a focus on the Senate climate bill introduced last week – An Act Driving Climate Policy Forward (S.2819)

The video of the “green heating” presentation and panel discussion along with the legislative update are here.

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