ECA Mass Chapter Meeting 3/14/23 – Eileen Ryan of Beyond Plastics Greater Boston  

Posted on Apr 12, 2023 | Monthly Chapter Meetings

Eileen Ryan and the Beyond Plastics crew can give you a thorough education on the horrifying pervasiveness of plastic around the globe, and how the government supports the  petrochemical industry which produces plastics. She’ll convince you that there is NO WAY to recycle ourselves out of the plastics problem, since most of it ISN’T: less than 6% of plastics produced were recycled in 2021. Beyond Plastics says to STOP “Wish-cycling” and focus on upstream solutions: stop making so much of the plastics we do, and work to support legislation to make the change to re-usable and refillable containers. And yes, it does relate to  the Climate Crisis, and ECA Mass will be supporting several bills in our Statehouse dealing with plastic solutions.

For more information go to or join Beyond Plastics Greater Boston

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