ECA Mass chapter meeting – 12/14/21
Legislative Advocacy Training

Posted on Dec 14, 2021 | Monthly Chapter Meetings

Have you ever lobbied in person or on Zoom with your state legislator? Whether you’re an experienced activist or new to legislative advocacy, you’ll want to watch the video of our December chapter meeting, where we presented a how-to interactive training session for talking with your legislator. The highlight was a demo by members of our ECA Mass Leadership Team, who role-played constituents meeting with their legislator to advocate for one of our priority climate bills. After the demo, we practiced in breakout sessions, gaining skills and confidence.

You can access the meeting video here (the demo starts at 21 minutes into the meeting, and you can access the role-playing script here). Before the training, members reflected on what they found meaningful about the work of ECA Mass and inspiration for the work ahead. The ECA Mass Leadership Team also presented details about six priority bills we support for the 2021-2022 state legislative session, which support implementation of the landmark Next Generation Roadmap law.

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