ECA Mass chapter meeting – 10/11/22 – Senator Creem

Posted on Oct 11, 2022 | Monthly Chapter Meetings

The Senator and majority leader, reviewed the progress made in the last session on addressing climate change.  She stressed the challenge with old approach to climate change, and instead of prohibitions and disincentives to change the focus to incentives. The Committee on Global Warming she chairs will look harder at the future role of gas and how to provide more support to retrofitting buildings. She also highlighted a variety of other priorities including promoting more urban trees and lessening light pollution. When asked about her advice to advocates, her reply is to help educate consumers on the incentives available to car buyers, home owners and others. She stressed that its not too late to save our climate. We must keep working. Finally, she also answered a variety of questions on climate programs and next steps from our members.

In the second half of the meeting, we heard from Paul Dryfoos of Elders for Sounds Democracy discussing 12 actions we could do now to promote a free and fair election.

The video for the chapter meeting is here.

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