Confronting the Climate Crisis

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The Larry Rosenberg Memorial Webinar Series
All three sessions videos are now available below.

Session I: Nuclear Power: Expensive Menace or
Low-Carbon Solution

This session took place on September 7, 2023
A video of the event is below or by clicking here.

This discussion explored the question of whether next-generation nuclear power should be a significant component of worldwide climate mitigation strategies.

Vick Mohanka, Chapter Director at the Massachusetts Sierra Club, will be articulating the continuing dangers and uncertainties of nukes.

Kaylee Cunningham, MIT doctoral candidate in nuclear engineering and a widely-recognized social media influencer — TikTok’s “Ms. Nuclear Energy” — will present the pro-nuclear case.

Elizabeth Turnbull Henry, Moderator, is the President of the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

Session II: Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions

This session took place on September 20.
A video of the event is below or by clicking here

This forum featured an informative discussion about green banks on the national level, the workings of an actual green bank, and the plans for the new green bank in Massachusetts.

Paul Mark, State Senator from Western Mass., spoke about plans for the Massachusetts Community Climate Bank, the nation’s first green bank dedicated to affordable housing.

Nenha Young, Director of Policy and Network at the Coalition for Green Capital, provided a national perspective, including the role of the Inflation Reduction Act in stimulating new and existing green banks.

Eric Shrago, Vice President of Operations at the Connecticut Green Bank, spoke about the experience of the nation’s first Green Bank, established in 2011.

Lee Harris, Moderator, is a staff writer at The American Prospect with many bylines in her name about green banks and capital markets.

Senator Edward Markey joined us via a pre-recorded video to say a few words about his work to create a green bank at the national level.

Session III: Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food

This session took place on September 28, 2023
A video of the event is below or by clicking here

This panel will highlight some of the technical/economic/political/practical challenges and opportunities that we need to honestly face in order to make nature-based climate-improving strategies actually work at scale. Our hope is to raise the level of discussion about these important strategies, acknowledging the unknowns and limits while suggesting ways forward.

David Montgomery, Professor of Geology at University of Washington and an expert on regenerative agriculture, will focus on farming for soil quality as a way to both feed our growing population and reduce or even sequester greenhouse gasses.

Walter Willett, from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, who is currently the co-chair of the EAT-Lancet Commission on sustainable nutrition will summarize their findings about what we need to eat to survive in a climate-endangered world.

Ilan Zugman,’s Latin America Director, will provide an overview connecting the pressure on land use with fossil fuel extraction from a Global South perspective.

Danielle Nierenberg, Moderator, co-Founder and President of Food Tank, has a long history of making discussions exciting and insightful.

Larry Rosenberg was a lifelong progressive activist. He was an early member of both 350 Massachusetts and the Elders Climate Action – Massachusetts Chapter. From union organizing to central American solidarity work, from advocating for a just Middle East peace to pushing for climate action, his insightful analysis and enduring commitments made him a meaningful contributor to positive change. His sharp intellect also led to jobs programming wind farm software, leading an anti-military weapon proliferation research team, and supporting health-focused international development projects. After years of living with lymphoma, shortly after the COVID pandemic began, Larry’s cancer turned virulent. He died in 2022 after arranging to donate his body to the U.Mass Medical School. These three webinars are a tribute to Larry.

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Session I Video
Nuclear Power: Expensive Menace or Low-Carbon Solution

Session II Video
Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions

Session III Video
Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food

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