Community media

ECA Mass gets the word out on climate change through local media outlets – both community radio and TV shows.

ECA members discuss household energy use and greenhouse gas emssions. The focus of this community video is to help homeowners identify their largest sources of emissions and discuss what they can do to reduce them

ECA members from three different communities meet with Chelmsford Town Manager to discuss town actions to address climate change. Many towns in the state have completed the Municipal Vulnerability Assessment that is discussed here. A future program will look at what homeowners are doing to address the climate crisis.

Here is an interview with ECA Mass members Stephen Strenio and Sayre Sheldon on Cambridge Community television.

Here is a link to a Haverhill Community Television program featuring ECA-Mass Leadership Team member, Michael Sales, discussing our legislative agenda for the 2019-2020 State House session.  This interview is one a series of powerful pro-democracy conversations conducted regularly by ECA friend, Richard Smyth, who is a poet, a publisher and a teacher.  

Among other topics, Michael refers to the Clean Energy Roadmap bill using the number H.832. That bill has been revised slightly and given a new number, H.3983.  Here is a link to the bill itself, sponsored by Rep. Joan Mescino:

Michael’s mic wasn’t tuned that well to his voice; so, you may have to turn up the volume a bit to hear him well.