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ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter July 2024
Chapter Meeting: Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer · Local Gatherings · Ban on Plastic Bags · Managing Peak Demand · Legislative Update · Climate Education Course

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ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter June 2024
Chapter Meeting: Building Decarbonization · Deep Dialogue: Healthy Soils · New Member Orientation · Help Stop Hanscom Expansion · Legislative Update · Heat Forecasting Tool · EV Road Trip · Elders Action Network Survey · Who pays for pollution?

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter May 2024
Chapter Meeting: Energy Facilities Siting · Deep Dialogue: Blue Solutions · Offshore Wind Power Fallacies · Help Stop Hanscom Expansion · Legislative Update · Take Action on Muni Reforestation · Climate Resilient Schools · Join Our Google Group · Fossil Free College 529 Savings

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter April 2024
Chapter Meeting: DOER Commissioner · Deep Dialogue: Social Cost of Carbon · Google Group List · Climate Info for Munis · Legislative Update · Help Get Out the Vote · DPU Road Show · Mass Climate Action Campaign

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter March 2024
Chapter Meeting: New DPU Commissioner + Th!rd Act + Elders for Sound Democracy · Action needed on legislation · It’s Time to Get Off Gas event · Legislative Updates & Omnibus Bill priorities · Getting Environmentalists to Vote · Mass Save Makeover · Gray is the New Green · Air Pollution & Our Brains 

ECA Massachusetts Chapter Newsletter February 2024
Deep Dialogue: Organizing Environmentalists to Vote in November • Biden Hits Pause on LNG • Legislative Update: What’s up next at the State House • ECA Mass Lobby Day • It’s all About the Trees • Please consider donating to ECA Mass to support chapter activities

ECA Massachusetts Chapter January 2024 Newsletter
Deep Dialog: Preserving Forever-Wild Lands • Big Takeaways from COP-28 • Webinar: Outcomes of COP 28 • Legislative Update: Priorities for the Coming Months • Climate Resilient Schools • How to Write a Letter to the Editor • It’s Time to Protest at the Department of Energy, Washington DC Feb 6-8, 2024 • Building our New Grid: • Environmental Justice Table Event

ECA Massachusetts Chapter December 2023 Newsletter
Legislative Team: Raising Our Voices to Support Forest Protection and Public Transit Electrification • Mass to Move Away from Gas Use • A More Sustainable Holiday Season • Reducing Plastic Pollution at Home • MA Climate Efforts Get Mixed Report Card • Put Gas in the Past Petition • Endangered Species Act 50th Anniversary

ECA Massachusetts November 2023 Newsletter:
Deep Dialog: After Death Care and Carbon Recycling • Legislative Team Active on Many Fronts • 39 Recommendations for Cutting Our GHG Emissions • Communicating for Change: Ideas for More Effective Climate Communication • COP 28 Begins This Month • Mass Youth Climate Coalition • Elders for Sound Democracy Town Hall

ECA Massachusetts October 2023 Newsletter:
Deep Dialog: Reducing Food Waste • NYC March: Why We Marched • Legislative Team Members Advocate for Priority Bills in Meetings with Committee Chairs • Bill Addresses Risk of Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers • New England Film Premiere: Regenerating Life • Youth Climate Coalition Education Summit •

ECA Massachusetts September 2023 Newsletter
Confronting the Climate Crisis – The Larry Rosenberg Memorial Webinar Series: • I: Nuclear Power – Expensive Menace or Low-Carbon Solution • II: Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions • III: Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food • Legislative Team to Take on Mass Save Reform • New Members Orientation • Climate Preparedness Week Forum: Clean Energy Incentives for All

ECA Massachusetts August 2023 Newsletter
Reducing Meat & Dairy Consumption • Confronting the Climate Crisis: The Larry Rosenberg Memorial Webinar Series, Nuclear Power: Expensive Menace or Low-Carbon Solution; Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions; Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food • Support Reforestation • Beginning to End the Climate Crisis: A History of Our Future (Book Review) • ECA Mass Legislative Update: Working to Push Our Priority Bills • New Building Code Being Mischaracterized • Homemade Bio Enzyme Cleaners

ECA Massachusetts July 2023 Newsletter
Reducing Air Travel • It’s Hot Out! Help Shave the Peak • ECA Mass Gets Research Grant to Study Western Mass Attitudes About Offshore Wind • Seaweed, Baby Ducks, and Green Crabs (Book Review & Interview) • Plastics & The Future of Our Planet: A Conversation with Bill McKibben & Elizabeth Kolbert • Beyond Plastic Pollution Master Class • We Speak for the Trees, Protecting Forests is a Key Part of Climate Mitigation • Stop Private Jet Expansion in Massachusetts

ECA Massachusetts June 2023 Newsletter
Transportation: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Health with Dr. Rashid Shaikh • Networked Geothermal with Audrey Schulman & John Ciovacco • Budget, Briefings, Hearings & More – MA State House Update • Testifying on Legislation: A Great Way to Make a Difference • Forest Walk & Speakers with Our Ally Save MA Forests • Traveling In Europe Using Clean Energy • Under the Sky We Make: How to Be Human in a Warming World (Book Review)

ECA Massachusetts April 2023 Newsletter
“Invest in Our Planet” this Earth Day • Legislative Team Update: Learning, Connecting, Teaching • Videos and photos from the 3.21.23 Bank Day of Action • Biodiversity and Climate Change • Recommended Climate Podcasts

ECA Massachusetts March 2023 Newsletter
Stop Dirty Banks Day of Action • Legislative Team Update • Michael Sales Creates Video of ECA Mass Founder Grady McGonagill • My Pen Pal: An Essay by ECA Mass Member Debora Hoffman

ECA Massachusetts February 2023 Newsletter
Legislative Team Priorities • Virtual Statewide Climate Rally • Mass Youth Climate Coalition Lobby Week • Time to Cut Ties to Fossil Fuel Funders • Can We Talk About Soot? (EPA Proposed Rule Change) • A Library of Things to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint • What We’re Reading: At Home on an Unruly Planet: Finding Refuge on a Changed Earth, by Madeline Ostrander

ECA Massachusetts January 2023 Newsletter
Legislative Team Prepares to Hit the Ground Running • MA Wind Power Faces Headwinds • Do You Know the Best Ways to Shrink Your Carbon Footprint? • MA Youth Climate Coalition Seeks Mentors • Third Act’s Banking on Our Future Campaign • What We’re Watching: Bill McKibben’s “Brief but Spectacular”

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Join us on Lobby Day: Wednesday, Jan 24 at the State House, 9:30 AM–3:00 PM

We are headed to Beacon Hill to lobby for our various priority bills which need to be included in any climate omnibus bill coming out of the legislature this session.

We need everyone’s participation to help push the TUE (Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy) and ENR (Environment and Natural Resources ) Committees to pass strong legislation this session in order to help ensure that the State reaches its 2025 and 2030 climate goals. Here are our priorities for which we will be advocating on the 24th. (For a summary of other bills and policies we support, link here.)

The agenda for the day is evolving but will include:

  • 9:30–10:00: Gather in Room 428A for materials, instructions and messaging
  • 10:00–12:00: Legislator Meetings. Certain meetings have been set up; but we need other people to join those. You will also want to visit/leave literature at your own reps’ and others’ offices.  
  • (If you can set up a meeting ahead of time, please contact Tina Grosowsky to let her know. Meetings can be virtual or in-person.)
  • NOON: RALLY at the Grand Staircase 
  • 12:15–2:00: Continue Legislator Meetings 

If you plan to attend, please RSVP here. If you can not attend for the whole day, that is fine!  Be sure to open next week’s Action Alert for any updates regarding the day’s activities.

If you cannot attend in person, please make an effort to call or email your legislator on Jan. 24th or thereabouts. Link here for a call or email template to guide your advocacy. (If you need to find your legislator, link here.) This is particularly important if you live in the district of one of the members of the House or Senate TUE and ENR Committees, or Legislative Leadership, listed here

And … 

  • We’ll supply coffee and muffins;
  • Bring something for lunch if you will be staying through the afternoon;
  • Don’t forget to wear your GREEN ECA T-SHIRTS;
  • We encourage you to bring and wear masks;
  • If you don’t yet have a t-shirt or mask, some will be available;
  • Maps of the State House are available here.

For more information, contact: Tina Grosowsky, tgrosowsky@verizon.net or Seth Evans, setherkim@verizon.net

Confronting the Climate Crisis

The Larry Rosenberg Memorial Webinar Series
All three sessions videos are now available below.

Session I: Nuclear Power: Expensive Menace or
Low-Carbon Solution

This session took place on September 7, 2023
A video of the event is below or by clicking here.

This discussion explored the question of whether next-generation nuclear power should be a significant component of worldwide climate mitigation strategies.

Vick Mohanka, Chapter Director at the Massachusetts Sierra Club, will be articulating the continuing dangers and uncertainties of nukes.

Kaylee Cunningham, MIT doctoral candidate in nuclear engineering and a widely-recognized social media influencer — TikTok’s “Ms. Nuclear Energy” — will present the pro-nuclear case.

Elizabeth Turnbull Henry, Moderator, is the President of the Environmental League of Massachusetts.

Session II: Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions

This session took place on September 20.
A video of the event is below or by clicking here

This forum featured an informative discussion about green banks on the national level, the workings of an actual green bank, and the plans for the new green bank in Massachusetts.

Paul Mark, State Senator from Western Mass., spoke about plans for the Massachusetts Community Climate Bank, the nation’s first green bank dedicated to affordable housing.

Nenha Young, Director of Policy and Network at the Coalition for Green Capital, provided a national perspective, including the role of the Inflation Reduction Act in stimulating new and existing green banks.

Eric Shrago, Vice President of Operations at the Connecticut Green Bank, spoke about the experience of the nation’s first Green Bank, established in 2011.

Lee Harris, Moderator, is a staff writer at The American Prospect with many bylines in her name about green banks and capital markets.

Senator Edward Markey joined us via a pre-recorded video to say a few words about his work to create a green bank at the national level.

Session III: Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food

This session took place on September 28, 2023
A video of the event is below or by clicking here

This panel will highlight some of the technical/economic/political/practical challenges and opportunities that we need to honestly face in order to make nature-based climate-improving strategies actually work at scale. Our hope is to raise the level of discussion about these important strategies, acknowledging the unknowns and limits while suggesting ways forward.

David Montgomery, Professor of Geology at University of Washington and an expert on regenerative agriculture, will focus on farming for soil quality as a way to both feed our growing population and reduce or even sequester greenhouse gasses.

Walter Willett, from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, who is currently the co-chair of the EAT-Lancet Commission on sustainable nutrition will summarize their findings about what we need to eat to survive in a climate-endangered world.

Ilan Zugman, 350.org’s Latin America Director, will provide an overview connecting the pressure on land use with fossil fuel extraction from a Global South perspective.

Danielle Nierenberg, Moderator, co-Founder and President of Food Tank, has a long history of making discussions exciting and insightful.

Larry Rosenberg was a lifelong progressive activist. He was an early member of both 350 Massachusetts and the Elders Climate Action – Massachusetts Chapter. From union organizing to central American solidarity work, from advocating for a just Middle East peace to pushing for climate action, his insightful analysis and enduring commitments made him a meaningful contributor to positive change. His sharp intellect also led to jobs programming wind farm software, leading an anti-military weapon proliferation research team, and supporting health-focused international development projects. After years of living with lymphoma, shortly after the COVID pandemic began, Larry’s cancer turned virulent. He died in 2022 after arranging to donate his body to the U.Mass Medical School. These three webinars are a tribute to Larry.

Sponsored by:

Session I Video
Nuclear Power: Expensive Menace or Low-Carbon Solution

Session II Video
Green Banks: Financing Climate Solutions

Session III Video
Creating Sustainable Systems: Soil, Carbon, and Food

ACTION ALERT: Tell your legislators this week that we want a future of clean heat!

You can make a difference by letting your state representative and senator know that you support The Future of Clean Heat bill (S.2105/H.3203), one of ECA Mass’ priority bills. When they hear from even five constituents with a personal message, they take notice.

Why this bill? It’s critical that we put in place incentives to move buildings off fossil fuels for heating and onto cleaner electric heat pumps. This bill would start that process, and it is slated for hearings before the Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (TUE) Committee Wednesday and Thursday (7/12-7/13) this week.

These links offer more information about the bill:

• The bill provides a comprehensive plan to transition off gas.
Written testimony submitted on behalf of ECA Mass. addresses key issues in the bill and some concerns.

We are offering step by step guidance for creating messages that are likely to be read and have an impact as well as a simple template to make it easy to craft and send your message. We recommend that you include a link to the ECA Mass testimony as included in the template to engage legislators in some serious consideration of the bill.

Click on this link to get started with your message.

Want to Do More? Those wishing to submit their own testimony may do so via email to Lexi.Concannon@masenate.gov by 5:00 PM, Fri. July 14. (When submitting written testimony, please send it as an attachment and use the following document title format: Bill# – Your Organization’s Name – Support/Oppose.) Those who do not plan to testify but want to watch the public hearing may attend in person or view the live stream under the Hearings & Events section of the malegislature.gov/events legislative website.

Actionar next Tuesday, July 18
to support three other of our priority bills. Here are the details:
We know that the heartbreaking timeline of the climate crisis will affect the grandchildren we love. Join us in calling for bold and urgent action. We will be hosting a live Action call on Tuesday July 18 at 12:00 to provide the actions and instructions to contact our legislators to urge them to vote the three other climate bills out of committee soon!!

On the call we will:
• Describe the urgency of the moment.
• Engage in a brief break out room to discuss and personalize actions.
• Give instructions on how to call or email your legislators.
• Take Action!

RSVP for the Action Call here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/regi…

ECA Massachusetts Monthly Chapter Meeting – 5/9/23

ECA Massachusetts Monthly Chapter Meeting
Tuesday, May 9, 2023 – 12:00 – 2:00pm
Monthly on the second Tuesday

The video of this event will be available soon.

ECA Members in three Legislative Team Working Groups (Climate Bank, Transportation and Natural Solutions) will discuss priority policy and bills. Afterwards you will join a breakout Zoom room focused on a workgroup issue that interests you to learn more about related policy and legislation and discuss how we can advocate for the bills.

We will delve also more deeply into the nuts and bolts of legislative advocacy for a priority bill: how do you do that? There will be opportunities to explore the basics for those relatively new to the advocacy game and a chance for more seasoned advocates to explore advanced strategies and tactics with some of our most experienced “lobbyists”. We will all exchange ideas about how to effectively personalize messages to our legislators and then have a chance to join in a legislative advocacy “Actionar” when we take action together in real time.

Yes, we record our meetings, and they are usually posted on our web site within a few days. https://ecamass.org/category/eca-mass-meeting-videos/ is where you can find those a few days after the meeting.

Feel free to invite your friends, relatives, neighbors, and everyone you want to talk with about the Climate Crisis NOW! Talking with the people around us is one of the most effective things we can do every day to raise awareness of the crisis.

Hope to see YOU in our Zoom Room soon!

Sunrise Day of Dedication – Young and Old Unite to Defend the Climate

On the heels of the first UN Climate Negotiations since Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement, well over a thousand young people took part in Sunrise Movement’s Climate Legacy Time Capsule Project’s national Day of Dedication on November 18 in 25 cities across the country, communicating that that they will hold accountable politicians who support polluters over the interests of young Americans.

The time capsules were filled with locally-contributed ‘letters to the future’ and objects representing what individuals love and are fighting to protect from climate change. They will be opened simultaneously with other time capsules across the country on November 2067.

ECA-Mass chapter members Joan McCabe and Grady McGonagill attended the event on Boston Common. Grady contributed a personal story, which he presented at the event and included in the time capsule.  From Grady’s story:

“In Drew Dellinger’s poem, “Hieroglyphic Stairway,” a great-great grandchild asks a dreamer, “What did you do, when you knew?” What we’re doing is all we’re can to get other elders engaged in the climate movement, so that we can create the political will to address this existential threat. We need the partnership of younger generations, speaking on behalf of themselves and all the generations to come. I look forward to hearing what representatives of those generations have to say today in their stories of the present and the future.”

Read Grady’s whole story here.