ECA Mass Briefings and Research Papers

Legislative Priorities: ECA Mass actively advocates for legislation that will be most effective in combating climate change.  For the 2019-2020 state legislative session, our highest priority is the 2050 Roadmap bill (H.3983).

Testimony: ECA Mass frequently participates in state briefings and hearings in order to advocate for legislative and regulatory rules and statutes we believe to be most effective in combatting climate change.  Here is a compilation of some of our testimony.

Research: Our advocacy is informed by research that enables us to develop positions that result in the best path forward over the longer term.  We need to insure our views are well considered and not “dead ends”.  In support of this goal, we have written a number of white papers on a range of topics.

Presentations: We produced a series of presentations focused on combattng climate change with a focus on Massachusetts.